Saturday, 18 January 2020

PAT Air Dry Oven. according to ASTM D3302-07

use for heating, drying and dehydration of the materials and productions in the fields of ore, coal, slag, coke and etc.

Air dry oven bring the samples to near equilibrium with room temperature before further reduction and division in accordance to ASTMD2013 Easy


Operating  Principle Heating, Drying, Dehydration
Optimal for Material Type Hard, Medium-Hard, Brittle
Temperature Stability ± 1 o
Operating Temperature 10 - 15 oC  Above Ambient (Max 40 oC )
Internal  5 Shelves with Flow Adjustable Plates
Min. Sample Quantity 15 Kg / Shelve
Sample Tray (Option) 30 Tray, Tray Size (WxHxD) : 12"x1"x17"
Rack for Sample Tray (Option) 10 Rack (3 Sample Tray / Rack)
Air Flow (Rate) 1 - 4 Air Changes per Minute
Heating Element 2 x 1500 Watt
Power Supply 1 Phase, 50 Hz 
Material Body from Steel with Epoxy Coated
Dimension (WxHxD) 910 x 2330 x 760 mm
Net Weight Approx. 120 kg